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Cloud solutions to the IT environment optmization

With digital transformation, hybrid infrastructures have gained even more relevance in organizations and enterprises’ IT [Information Technology] strategies. That’s why it’s important to know how to fully explore the potential of cloud computing with Cloud Service solutions to take advantage of everything the technology can offer your ecosystem.

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Cloud Services: Cloud Computing green4T

4 points you should know to hire a provider

1 – In-depth analysis
Based on an assertive view of technology, we raise every possibility to arrive at the cloud computing solution (public, private, or hybrid cloud) that is more adherent to your environment and your needs. This analysis is important for directing your business to the best solution.

2 – Agnostic and customizable
green4T has a comprehensive view of what is best and newest market. Therefore, it uses rigorous technical criteria to create custom cloud computing solutions. Always seeking the best technology, cost, and benefit for your business, this being a continuous practice.

3 – Own infrastructure
In addition to working in partnership with the market’s leading cloud computing providers, green4T offers cloud-proof infrastructure – enabling greater local efficiency and reduced operational costs.green4T’s solution options give your business the best cost-benefit, enabling optimization, efficiency, and performance for your environment.

4 – Collection in local currency
The best of international technology in real-time billed cloud services. Because it’s an on-demand use solution, charging in local currency is an advantage in avoiding unforeseen events with exchange rate fluctuations. Having a partner with a technical solution linked to your budget. Because it is a 100% Brazilian company, green4T has the ability to work in local currency, being the best investment option according to its needs.

What we offer

  • Measure Workload – Workload analysis

Assessing the infrastructure and degree of maturity of client applications to define the best alternative across public cloud, data center, and hybrid environment. The process ensures optimal conditions for efficient and appropriate migration to IT needs.

  • Onboarding Process – Preparation

Multidisciplinary team performs the initial configuration¹ of the new environment to support the customer’s IT team. In this phase, all data is recorded in detail so that IT operations have maximum security at the time of migration.

  • Outside – Migration

Transition phase of workloads, applications, and systems. Our technicians track the entire process of integrating IT services and evaluate validation, application portability, simulations, and operational testing to ensure the quality of the new cloud environment’s operation.

  • ON IT Management – Support

Monitoring, support, and management phase of IT environment solutions. Configuration and operational support for the data center and/or cloud computing with physical implementation and hardware vendor-independent logic, focusing on making the environment always available.

¹ connectivity, resources, cloud services, and operating system

Why use green4T

Adoption of strategic cloud computing technologies regardless of the service provider.

Use of world-class methodologies and technologies in data centers.

Delivery of maintenance of the technology park with continued services.

High customer satisfaction with green4T services (related to NPS 97)

Own robust IT infrastructure for the cloud, capable of running hype convergent (HCI) or traditional services according to business demands – with 100% As a Service.

green4T Cloud Service principles

  • Work together with the customer to create custom cloud projects. Whether you’re starting your journey or moving your data to your own on premise infrastructure for cloud
  • Make the use of resources smarter for each operation, using the necessary real capacity and with collection in local currency (and not in dollars)
  • Provide cloud and environment management and maintenance services with the ability to anticipate and predict problems in the physical and logical parts of IT
  • Be agnostic and assertive in the provision of services, regardless of the type of cloud (hybrid, public, or private) ideal for the client
  • Provide “as a service” solutions in all computing layers and infrastructure

ON ITManagement

Monitoring and managing customer IT service solutions to maintain environment functionality and availability regardless of the hardware vendor or cloud computing provider.

The work involves multidisciplinary teams tomanage and support mission-critical IT environments. We work with large global hardware suppliers, with trained and certified professionals, as well as mature methodologies and processes.

SLAs are flexible and can vary by environment and business needs. They can be 24x7x365, 8×5 (business days) or with response time for the next business day.

To complete, green4T offers Life Extended, an extended warranty on customer equipment – maximizing the investment made in your IT environment. It involves training and professional qualification with the main suppliers in the market, seeking to maintain productivity and availability of the environment.

Cloud Services Solutions

green4T, a Brazilian digital technology and infrastructure company, delivers managed services for cloud computing and hybrid IT solutions that help your business in the digital transformation process. While the entire technical area and infrastructure management are in the hands of a highly specialized team.

The technical and certified team plans, develops, implements, and maintains the physical and logical infrastructure of data centers in Brazil and Latin America. All the support and monitoring work is carried out by the green4T centers of excellence. They coordinate these actions remotely across the country, but with response time to meet the hired SLA and the demands of your business.

In this way, we act to prevent and anticipate failures or disasters in your cloud computing environment. The various data center support and management contract customers with green4T reinforce our leadership position and expertise in IT.

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