Data Center Carbon Zero

Green Efficiency

Increased energy efficiency and sustainability of the environment

Set of actions planned to increase data center energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of the IT infrastructure

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Understanding the solution

  • Complete mapping of the data center through tools and methods of simulation in the Climate¹, Energy², and Civil³ part aspects.
  • Use of technologies and strategies such as the dynamics of computational fluids and soft drinks, graphics, and drivers to reduce energy consumption.
  • Continued services for the inclusion of energy efficiency processes in data center routines.
  • Goal of reaching zero carbon emissions using renewable energy, hydrogen cells, Smart Grid, and carbon credits.
  • With sustainability as one of its main values, green4T is also dedicated to recycling, water reuse, clean energy, and circular economy in the provision of its services.
  • In our supply chain, we prioritize the acquisition of components with the least environment impact.

¹ cooling flow and flow, equipment checking and cold air heat and cold closing – which can reduce energy consumption between 5% and 10%² frame conditions and pain is ³ layout, building conditions, raised floor and shelf aisles

Why use this service?

  • Energy efficiency gain potential of up to 40%, reducing energy bill and utilities.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of the company’s IT infrastructure.
  • Adoption of international standard methodologies and technologies, such as the fluid dynamics analysis, reaching the required CEEDA (The Certified Energy Efficient Datacenter Award) certification.
  • Technological park maintenance offer with Continuous Services to continue reducing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency.

Green Efficiency Principles:

1 – Complete assessment of the IT infrastructure for application of the multidisciplinary plan.

2 – Leverages the efficiency of HVAC and energy subsystems.

3 – Certifies the data center as an energy efficient location.


Understanding PUE

Increasingly connected, the world will produce 175 zettabytes of data by 2025, demanding a high-energy infrastructure that can impact the climatic conditions of the planet we live in.

Green4T develops low-energy impact infrastructure solutions, with a maximum PUE of 1.5. In the next 10 years, this initiative will be able to reduce 60% of the energy consumed by data centers in Latin America. Making a 67 Terawatt-hour impact, sufficient power to light up three million homes.


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The energy efficiency journey with optimization of IT infrastructure performance can reduce data center energy consumption by up to 60%.

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