Data Center Services


Data Center Infrastructure Management

ICT (Information and Communication Technology) infrastructure monitoring and integration

Solution for data center governance indicated for mission-critical operations, regardless of the number of devices in operation. It checks, monitors, and integrates the entire ICT infrastructure wherever it is, from the state of facilities to technology equipment. It covers from physical layer to logic, whether in virtualized environments, structured cabling, or electrical connections (UPS/generators).


The DCIM is based on four pillars for monitoring KPIs [Key Performance Indicators] of this type of environment: climate control, energy, safety, and connectivity. It consolidates unlimited information into indicators such as energy consumption and efficiency (PUE), environment thermal map, asset, and servisse availability.

All information is consolidated in a web panel that allows you to view the resources available in the IT environment. Thus, you can reduce costs, increase system reliability and applications, and mitigate risks using data analysis.

Service provided by a team trained and specialized in the solution, with support in Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

4 principles of DCIM service

1 – Improve infrastructure management, ensuring routine automation and integration with virtually any platform.

2 – Reduce expenses and boost the efficiency of the entire facility.

3 – Assist in the decision-making process, identifying capabilities and use of resources in the IT environment.

4 – Provide real-time visibility into data center operating conditions.

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