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Digital acceleration, which has made the economy more data-processing dependent, has also brought a challenge to the IT industry: how to expand its capacity to meet this increased demand and, at the same time, control energy consumption in order to reduce the impact on the environment?

In view of this reality, green4T develops low energy impact solutions, with maximum PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.5 – an indicator that shows the energy efficiency level of the IT infrastructure.

Data Center Carbon Zero involves the combination of two services – Green Efficiency and IT Performance Service – in the physical and logical fields, capable of reducing the energy consumption of data centers by 60%, as well as of delivering high performance and optimizing investments.

This multidisciplinary action plan can be deployed in both new projects and legacy infrastructure retrofits. In both cases, the Data Center Carbon Zero helps align customers with the global commitment to reducing the environmental impact of economic sectors.

ompanies play a central role in this process and should, without exception, begin the transition of their business models to this new focus on Carbon Zero, in order to neutralize their carbon footprint.

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The energy efficiency journey with optimization of IT infrastructure performance can reduce data center energy consumption by up to 60%.