Modular Data Center

Rack Edge

Plug and Play data center

A complete, independent cabinet-ready data center for applications requiring low latency for edge computing
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Understanding the solution

Robust, high-availability, fast-implementation solution for IT environments that need to be near the data source.

Projects developed in partnership with the cliente to ensure a high degree of customization. Always accompanied by certified professionals to assemble, operate, and monitor the solution in real time.

In ICT, Rack Edge features communication (high performance switches), storage(hybrid storage with high performance mechanical disks/resilience), and processing through servers/hype convergent solutions. It is also ideal for retail, education, telecommunications, entertainment, and any other companies that need agility and efficiency in data processing.

Data is monitored locally on a 7-inch display integrated into the rack and available via web. e disponível pela web.

The strategy for the data center can be complemented with continued green4T maintenance services anywhere in Brazil or Latin America.

Why use it?

1 – Adoption of standardized product already tested to meet pre-established ICT loads.

2 – Simplified and quick installation product up to 90 days.

3 – Gain greater rack energy efficiency by using free cooling with high data processing capacity.

4 – Count on the expertise in operation and maintenance of the data center of the green4T team of professionals.

Three Rack Edge principles

1 – Reduce latency to customer IT environments.

2 – Promote the high availability of services such as network, storage, and processing.

3 – Future Proof configuration makes the product scalable for new technologies like 5G.

Rack Edge


12 or 24 port high-performance network switches of 10GbE and 40GbE uplinks.

High performance hype convergence servers or solutions with 144 2.2GHz colors (or higher) and up to3TB of RAM memory.

Hybrid solutions with high performance SSD and mechanical drives and resiliency up to 140TB of storage.


IP54 assembly protection.

Load capacity of 1,500 kg, widths of 600mm or 800mm and up to 35Us free for IT assets.

Single connection point on internal panel. UPS up to 6kVA with 6-minute autonomy and PDU [Protocol Data Unit] with 24 sockets.

Up to 5kW of hybrid running cooling (compressor or free cooling) and control via app.

Emergency ventilation
Backup system with emergency ventilation connected to the UPS.

7” Touch Screen LCD display for reading temperature data, opening doors, liquids, and real-time equipment status, remote access and integration with the Online system.

On-site and remote by green4T’s support team.

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