Modular Data Center

Micro Data Center

Infrastructure with mobility and flexibility

Versatile infrastructure with maximum data center security from 1 to 5 racks. Ideal for retail companies, banking agencies, and even school networks, the solution is also widely used in Edge Computing processing infrastructure

Understanding the solution

Tested to fully meet the standards and certified by an independent entity (credited by Inmetro),the solution ensures compliance with the Brazilian and European standards. Manufacturing and implementation are audited and controlled by the certifier.

Its structure also goes through various types of tests and certifications for the most variedrisk situations. Among them, NBR 15247, against fires.

Widely used in the development of Edge Computing processing infrastructure, as it allows the implementation of an ecosystem favorable to reducing latency and increasing availability.

When supported by the continuous maintenance services and the green4T carbon zero certification, the environment is still in the most appropriate conditions to consume the lowest energy values and avoid outage. Delivers a more sustainable operation from preparation to use.

Why use it?

1 – Compared to the safe room, the solution has the same differentials added to advantagessuch as investment cost-benefit and high deployment speed.

2 – Protocols and certifications ensure the integrity of the company’s hardware, data, information, and assets.

3 – Indicated for indoor use in a fully customized approach to customer demands.

Three Micro Data Center principles

1 – High level of security and availability for edge computing applications in public access locations.

2 – Future Proof configuration to favor data center scalability for new technologies.

3 – Simplified installation with pre-manufactured parts and rapid deployment.

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A solution with a high level of protection and security for data and assets, with excellent cost effectiveness and absolutely essential for the preparation of Edge Computing systems.

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