Four points to leverage data center availabilit and sustainability

1 – Energy efficiency journey
IT [Information Technology] infrastructure today consumes between 5% and 9% of all electrical energy produced worldwide annually. The forecast is that by 2030 this percentage can reach 20%. Being aware of this fact, through a multidisciplinary plan, we help our customers mitigate carbon emissions and make IT environments more efficient. Reducing data center energy consumption by up to 60%, bringing financial and productivity gains.

2 – Leverage IT infrastructure capabilities
We have professionals specializing in helping your business to map IT resources and upgrade their technology infrastructure to a hype convergent infrastructure (HCI). We centralize on virtual machines, optimizing storage, processing, network, and management. As a direct consequence, we optimize physical space, reducing the amount of cooling in the environment and thus energy consumption.

3 – Scalable and customized implementation
All green4T energy efficiency projects are tailored to each customer. Both physical (data center) and logical (software) parts can be implemented in a modular and scalable manner.

4 – Sustainability
Investing in circular economy, in recycling, in the correct destination of inputs, in reducing electricity consumption, among other points, are commitments of all companies. green4T has this awareness as one of its main values and carries its green purpose across its portfolio of products and services.

¹ The gain in energy efficiency depends on the analysis and execution of best practices and/or necessary upgrades in the IT infrastructure.

Zero Carbon Services’ Principles:

  • Evaluate the data center and plan optimization of climatization, energy, and the general IT infrastructure.
  • Implement recognized methodologies that drive improved data center energy efficiency.
  • Evolve the IT environment by improving the services offered and providing preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Lead to zero carbon consumption with the use of renewable energy

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The energy efficiency journey with optimization of IT infrastructure performance can reduce data center energy consumption by up to 60%.