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Specialized IT infrastructure management, with know-how on the different layers of the environment: from the physical facilities of the data center to logical technology management, based on complexity and criticality.

The solution is divided into Continuing Services (Ongoing, Online, On IT Management and Life Extended), DCIM, IT Moving and Certifications..

A 24x7x365 service, comprising an intelligent and coordinated action plan supported by maximum availability management resources.

The resources include an Integrated Management Platform (IMP), professional teams, comprehensive service throughout Brazil, robust spare parts inventory and permanent climate monitoring..

The Data Center Services also has a Predictive, Preventive, Corrective, and Evolutionary action plan intended to anticipate failures, troubleshoot and technologically improve the IT infrastructure.

This service has a number of benefits such as customization of the maintenance plan, transparent contract management, preparation of a capacity plan on the existing infrastructure and agile decision-making, ensuring performance and efficiency to the customer’s data processing.

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