Data Center Carbon Zero

IT Performance Services

Mapping and assessing the IT environment

Improve data center performance and contribute to increased energy efficiency

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Understanding the solution

Adopting virtualization solutions to make the IT environment more sustainable through hype convergent infrastructure (HCI) practices. This concept increases data center processing using fewer machines.

Phased implementation involving identification of hardware, software, and connectivity resources; trend-based planning to design an optimized solution; and constant validation to ensure best performance.

Physical space optimization to improve resource utilization.

Solution with the possibility of scalability in phases, to make the client’s investment more flexible.

Why use these services?

1 – Energy efficiency gain potential of up to 20%.

2 – Project delivery with specialized and certified team.

3 – Processes that complement ongoing offerings of maintenance solutions.

4 principles of IT Performance Services

  • Complete assessment of the IT environment.
  • Use virtualization and hype convergent infrastructure (HCI) to reduce hardware, network, and software resources.
  • Increase performance and energy efficiency of data processing centers.
  • Constant maintenance to enable continuous improvement of data centers’ design and efficiency.

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The energy efficiency journey with optimization of IT infrastructure performance can reduce data center energy consumption by up to 60%.