the solution

We have developed a high-performing, secure and internet-connected infrastructure that is responsible for collecting, communicating, processing and storing data from various sources. The resulting information is sent to the customer’s chosen location, in an agile and secure manner.

A complete architecture that helps plan, design and implement technology solutions – sensors, devices and smart cameras – connecting and delivering data to an integration and management platform.

During the deployment process, we offer customers the Agile Customer Experience: an experience whose goal is to create a prototype of the IoT ecosystem in order to verify its financial feasibility.

With IoT Solutions, our goal is to contribute to the making of more assertive decisions in connection with the customers’ challenges, transforming raw data into strategic information in real time.

This solution contributes directly to a more efficient infrastructure management; generation of new businesses; increased productivity with reduced use of resources; best cost effectiveness; and a more sustainable routine for companies and organizations – whether related to the industry 4.0, agribusiness, health, logistics, oil & gas, or construction.

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A complete and integrated architecture that connects machines, systems, businesses and people, generating valuable data for a more assertive and qualified management of cities and companies.