Smart Cities


Intelligent data management to transform cities

Understanding the solution

The platform aims to support the public manager with a series of information about the city, which are fundamental to the administration and direction of public policies. Fully digital, it integrates, processes, and presents data collected from various sources on a custom dashboard.

It enables the entire urban ecosystem to be accurately understood and, consequently, how the city works. This situational awareness is not only limited to the territory as a whole – it also offers views of every neighborhood and every street.

The public manager can make the best decisions for the benefit of the citizen. Backed by Plancity, the process of intelligent transformation of cities ensures the local population the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of life in the city, maximizing the impact of public investments on people’s benefit.


Monitored points in the panel

• Socioeconomic data
• Educational census
• Infrastructure
• Afforestation
• SDG [Sustainable Development Goals] Indicators
• ISO Metrics Smart & Sustainable Cities
• Transportation

To accurately understand the entire urban ecosystem and, consequently, how the city works.

Why use Plancity?

  • Applied technology: the platform, which requires a governance structure, organizes all data into a smart grid made up of a SmartHex® grid. This structure consists of small polygons that favor the integrated assessment of metrics and their analysis on different scales. The result is the ideal situational awareness to make the best decisions for the benefit of the population.
  • 30-minute cities: ability to transform urban centers within the concept of “cities in 30 minutes”, in which inhabitants have access to all essential services within a radius of up to half an hour.
  • From the macro to the micro: base urban planning not only on the macro sphere, but also considering actions at the micro level. Thus, this will be fundamental to define in a coherent manner – and appropriate to demand – the construction of new schools and health units or where to implement new bus lines and public safety measures, for example.
  • Anywhere: With cloud storage, it ensures access the entire time via web browser, without the need to invest in local IT [Information Technology] infrastructure.

Benefits of Plancity

1 -Complete panorama of city data and alerts on an integrated platform with contextualized information for more efficient management.

2 -Real-time monitoring of various sectors of the city for tactical actions and the definition of efficient responses in critical systemic situations – which affect various aspects of municipal management.

3 – Data history generated by the platform collaborates with municipal administration in the construction and evaluation of long-term public policies.


a green4T company for Smart Cities

Smart Cities is the name given to cities that use technologies to improve the quality of life of citizens. In practice, they are based on evidence and data analysis to make decisions and provide services more efficiently. Always taking into account that each site has a specific reality and requires distinct plans and strategies to make it intelligent in a permanent and continuous process.

Born as a start-up in 2014 – and part of green4T since 2019 – Scipopulis is an innovation company focused on Smart Cities with recognized experience in urban mobility. Scipopulis’ products collect, process, and analyze the data generated by the information systems at the various levels of public administration (federal, state, and municipal), in addition to data from private partners, generating insights for the preparation of public administration.

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