IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things as part of agile business solutions

The use of sensors connected to intelligent platforms – known as the Internet of Things (IoT) – drives the development of new technologies. Innovation that is already responsible for leveraging important sectors, such as Industry 4.0, Agriculture, and Health within the Smart Cities concept. In this context, IoT Solutions services will optimize your enterprise’s relationship not only with data capture, but with the planning, sizing, and implementation of Technologies that are critical to this new era.

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Five points to hire IoT solutions

1 – Leverage innovation
IoT technologies are a must for businesses of varying sizes and areas of expertise. Our Solutions help your company design strategies that show its power of innovation and transformation in a digital world.

2 – Integrated vision, assertive solutions
IoT solutions are not about installing sensors and devices on equipment or locations. They involve a more assertive view of the entire business model and ecosystem of IT [Information Technology] products, services, and infrastructure.

3 – Real-time information
Our solutions connect your business end-to-end, bringing relevant and updated metrics at all times – regardless of the industry. We help you understand and analyze this amount of information for better decision making.

4 – Fix operation problems
Developing and deploying IoT solutions helps you take the analog parts of your enterprise to the digital world. This makes it simpler and more agile to identify and fix bottlenecks in the operation, increasing the return on investment.

5 – Agnostic and customizable
IoT solutions cannot be created as an off-the-shelf product. That’s why we your business operate according to your needs and with the best hardware vendors.


Why use green4T

Develop solutions that support and better connect to your business’s needs.

Use of strategic technologies with hardware and software provided by key players in the Internet of Things market. Adoption of international standard methodologies and technologies. Increased performance of the entire IT infrastructure. Increased machine and team management performance with the data intelligence provided by the sensor architecture. Development of POCs to ensure the effectiveness of the solution and to evolve together. Assertive information that supports your day-to-day decisions. IoT processes complement the continued offerings of technology stack maintenance solutions.

4 principles of IoT Services

  • Work along with the customer to create customized projects that are aligned with business needs.
  • Make resource utilization smarter for each customer.
  • Reduce service downtime by using sensors that help predict failures.
  • Increase business’s productivity and sustainability by making the entire ecosystem more eficiente.
green4T, a Brazilian digital technology and infrastructure company, offers Internet of Things (IoT) services with solutions that help your business in the digital transformation process.

With a highly specialized project team, we plan and execute solutions that are customizable to customer needs – regardless of their industry.
As a result, our IoT Solutions make your business more agile. Enabling it to be able to identify and make business decisions through a dashboard that exposes the entire operation in real time. In addition, green4T’s other Data Center, Cloud Computing, and Smart Cities services integrate with the IoT solutions offered, creating a complete ecosystem for your business’ assertive and fast decisions and operation.
On the other hand, the support and monitoring work is carried out by six green4T excellence centers. Consisting of teams of specialists who coordinate actions remotely throughout the country, with agile and assertive response time.

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