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IT Moving

Physical and logical migration of IT infrastructure

For the maximum reduction of unavailability, green4T performs a robust process that involves assessment, planning, execution, transportation, migration, reinstallation, post-migration follow-up and support of your environment.

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Understanding the Solution







IT Moving

  • All stages of the process are carried out by a specialized and certified team. The professionals follow a detailed and customized plan that offers back-up of experienced and multidisciplinary engineering.
  • Physical space, acclimatization, power, connectivity, independence between equipment and systems are previously evaluated. While the transport phase uses special vehicles with closed and protected bodies, with insurance and escort service.
  • After migration, we performed the monitoring to ensure the full stability of the operation.
  • Everything with experience observed in more than 360 movements carried out and successfully.


4 principles ofIT Moving:

1 – Pre and post-migration audit with checklist and evaluation of documentation of all items.

2 – Safety and security in the transport phase.

3 – Maintenance of support continuity until the stability of the new IT environment.

4 – Monitoring and validation of the client in all actions performed before, during and after the service.

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Moving of equipment and migration of the IT infrastructure with total security conducted by highly qualified teams and using thorough methods that ensure the stability of the entire operation.

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