Data Center Lifecycle Services


IT monitoring and management

Maintenance services for your data center infrastructure dedicated to the physical part of the IT environment.
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Understanding the Solution

  • O The Excellence Center is available 24x7x365 and brings together the entire expert team experience for real-time remote data center monitoring. In Latin America, our mobile team has more than 450 technicians.
  • OSpecialists follow rigorous processes in all services provided, always supported by the most advanced technologies on the market. This results in premier interventions with a high level of quality demand in your IT environment.
  • The Integrated Management Platform (Plataforma de Gestão Integrada, PGI) allows you to manage your entire IT infrastructure on a single dashboard – with reporting, service order control, asset management, knowledge base and documents as well as relevant customer data.
  • Our additional Carbon Zero Data Center services will make your infrastructure more effective and sustainable, with up to 60% energy efficiency gain potential without loss of performance, thus reducing carbon consumption.

Why hire Green4T’s Ongoing services?

  • We prioritize three pillars (people, tools, and processes) to ensure the applied quality and efficiency.
  • We have the most qualified technical team in the market, specialist in the creation of customized plans, including those of existing infrastructure scalability.
  • We are the only company in the segment that combines the monitoring service of climatization systems with on-site team performance for preventive actions that will ensure the continuity of the operation.
  • We have the largest stock of parts reserves in the country strategically distributed throughout the national territory – to expedite the solution in case of malfunction.
  • We achieved an NPS (Net Promoter Score) rating above 90 for Continued Services that attests our customers’ high level of satisfaction – according to a survey conducted by green4T in 2021.

4 principles of Ongoing services

1 – Prevent and act before failure.

2 – In case of failure, solve in the shortest possible time.

3 – Reduce or eliminate interruptions and maintain availability above 99.99%.

4 – Predict to correct potential problems.

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